Guide to Get Licensed Money Lender in Singapore

In today’s modern age there is no shortage in licensed money lender Singapore which are licensed and accredited. You will come across them all over the multicultural global finance center. Among the most recognized and trusted is Credit Hub Capitol, which since 2010 has provided numerous and extensive financial solutions to all its customers. However, finding a money lender that is licensed and accredited like Credit Hub capitol can be a grueling task.Hence, we will share a couple of tips that will enable you to pick a licensed money lender easily.

Discuss with your friends

Ask around in your close circle if anyone has received a loan lately from a licensed money lender like Credit Hub. If yes, then discuss with your friend his experience and if he was satisfied with the money lender. Arrange a meeting with your friends help, and you can easily gain insight upon meeting with the load specialist.

Ensure his credibility

As Singapore government suspends the permit of money lenders who are involved in illicit operations, check if your money lender is licensed. You can easily acquire the names of licensed money lenders from the internet. Check all the documentation and identification as it could be a scam. Make sure that you get a copy of the contact that states the terms of the loan, and do not sign any contact that looks incomplete. If a company has been in a loaning business for long they must have a good reputation, hence look for a more experienced money lender.

Financial costs

The financial costs will depend on your annual salary, which can contribute to your bargaining power. If a person’s annual salary is high, he can easily get a beneficial bargain. However, do look around to get your desired deal. Make sure to inquire about the collateral requirements.

Have necessary documentation when applying

Now that you have found a licensed money lender of your choice make sure that you have your documents with you when you apply. This can be an ID or any other form of document that passes as identification. But if you have proof of a stable job a lender will feel more secured and comfortable. They can now easily trust you seeing that you have a reliable job and can pay back your debt on time.