Why Should We Get Travel Insurance?

During the holidays we tend to hop on a plane to a destination of choice for some family time or just to get away from that nagging boss or the hassle and bustle of the city. Travelling is the best escape for some but sometimes things don’t go as planned. In times of the unexpected people are usually unprepared and in moments like these it is best to have travel insurance. So someone might be asking what travel insurance is, well I am here to help you with that. In Singapore HL Assurance offers travel insurance and covers some of the reasons why you should get travel insurance.

Reasons For Buying Travel Insurance

There are moments you might need to cancel a trip due to an emergency, a relative gets sick or death of a loved one. Travel insurance will cover the cost of cancellation for you. HL Assurance handles cancellation and has various packages offered for compensation on cancellation with as much as $5000 so it is to your advantage to have travel insurance.

HL Assurance Singapore also caters for flight and baggage delays. Sometimes you maybe on a time sensitive business trip and your flight is delayed. Time is money and delays mean loss of potential revenues. With travel insurance delays are covered, HL Assurance pays $100 for every 6 hours of delays same with baggage delays, flight diversions. Maybe a delay in the flight that makes you miss a cruise for instance you will need HL Assurance to cover the cost.

Sometimes airlines will cancel flights haphazardly and this can be a major inconvenience HL Assurance will handle trip curtailment for you with a payout as high as $8000. Without travel insurance imagine the inconvenience of not being able to recover your losses due to cancellation

On your travel sometimes personal effects and baggage can get lost, some travel destinations are well known for their active crime rates. If you are not covered whilst travelling these losses can be quite great. HL Assurance Singapore covers you and puts your mind at ease. Reasonably priced packages will cover you and pay you out in the event of losing your property.

Singapore HL Assurance travel insurance also covers medical expenses on your travels both locally and when travelling abroad. Injuries and illnesses are common when travelling and this could add an extra expense on you part if you don’t have travel insurance. Services like medical evacuation and treatment of persons of all ages are all covered by HL Assurance’s travel insurance cover.

Tragedy may hit on your travels, expenses like repatriation of your loved ones for burial and sometimes permanent disability from an accident are all occurrences we would rather not face during travelling. HL Assurance puts your mind at ease so you don’t have to crack your mind thinking what you would do in the eventuality that such events occur.

Whilst travelling things can get a little heated up we all have had our moments. With a strict budget it would be unfortunate to find yourself in a situation where you have to pay for any damages. So what’s the best solution? Travel insurance! HL Assurance covers personal liability too. This is an important reason to get travel insurance and HL Assurance Singapore does it best

Travel insurance is something that is of paramount importance to any traveler be it locally or international. Personally I would recommend HL Assurance because it will put your mind at ease but also value for your money, it provides packages that allow you to travel and have fun without thinking too much about what to do when things don’t go as planned, get your travel insurance with HL Assurance and always know you have a friend on speed dial.